3-Crank Manual Hospital Bed BT-AM106

3-Crank Manual Hospital Bed


3-Crank Manual Hospital Bed


1)Overallsize (L*W*H):2150*950*450-700mm
2)Frame: steel, treated by sand-balsting and electrostatic powder-coating
3)Bedboard: steel,4-part
5)Side rail: Detachable,6-crank al-alloy
6)Castors: four silent wheels with cross brakes, φ125mm
7)Weight load: 250kg
8)Standard accessories:I.V pole 1pc, IV pole holes 4pcs, Drainage hooks 2pcs

1) Backrest max upward angle: 70°

2) Footrest max upward angle: 30°

3) Height adjustment: 450-700mm


Bed with Metallica flat surface (without springs)

Detachable header

Adjustable height 70 and 80 cm measured from the floor to the base of the bed.

Minimum capacity 150 kilograms

Total bed width 90 and 105 centimeters

Total length of the bed 190 and 210 centimeters

Adjustment of positions through handles, cranks or similar (one for adjusting the head position, one for adjusting leg positions, one for adjustment of bed position).

Side rails on both sides, with a safety device or similar system that can be completely foldable to allow access to the patient.

That allows to mobilize them through networks of 12 to 15 centimeters in diameter. With 4-wheel braking system.

That allows cleaning with disinfectants for hospital use (Built in anticorrosive material)


With one mattress for hospital use impermeable seams visible on the edges, of inflammable material and fast drying, with minimum thickness between 15 and 20 cm.

With two I.V. ROD & Drainage hook


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