Automatic Blood Collection T-RAC II

TERUMO Recording & Automatic blood collector/mixer

Light stick: Indicates the progress of the donation and displays alarms
Remote Control attached to the multifunctional pole (optional); pole can be placed on the left or right side of the T-RAC II
Barcode scanner
Large tray with a filter holder for proper mixing; the tray is magnetically attached and can be easily removed for cleaning
Clamp with locking mechanism
Large color touch screen 5.67″
USB port for data exchange

Slim Design for Small working spaces
Newly developed high-tech materials and technologies in T-RAC II reduce the required minimum space for the system during transport and under working conditions.
The integrated, removable lightweight lithium-ion battery provides high energy capacity one week after charging.
The battery is not sensitive to specific loading conditions (no memory effect). Loading can be done in the device itself.
Remote Control (optional)
The remote control allows working in comfortable positions; preventing down-bending and injury strains.
A light stick is attached to the remote control unit indicating the progress of the donation and showing alarms.
To adapt to different conditions at donation sites, the Remote Control function is available as a separate mobile unit (desktop) that can be placed on a table or a multifunctional pole attached to the device.
The Clamp locks the tube in the correct position during the collection.
The locking mechanism is activated by pushing the clamp in reverse during tube insertion or by pushing the button on the touch screen.
In emergency cases the tube can be unlocked mechanically.

Highly Flexible Software
The highly flexible software allows the user to define and store different configuration settings and parameters in the system.
All important donation data, barcode scans and events are recorded according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), stored in the internal memory (up to 100 donations) and transferred to the network, if required.
The USB port on the front allows data to download if a network is not available.
Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software (TOMEs)
TOMEs is an operational data management system that can be used with some Terumo Transfusion Equipment.
Bi-directional communication via TOMEs allows the parameter setting of one or multiple T-RAC II systems.
For each donation, additional features (like donor approval or the donor specific configuration of the donation process) can be defined.
Other applications include the monitoring of active devices or the management of the donation data (e.g. the creation of files for separation).

Power Supply
Input Voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz