Clinical Chemistry Analyzer BS-240

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

“CUTE” Chemistry Solution

System function

Automatic, Discrete, Random Access, Bench-top

STAT sample priority

Throughput: Up to 200 tests/hour, up to 400 tests/hour with ISE

Measuring principles: Absorbance photometry, Turbidimetry, Ion

Selective Electrode technology

Methodology: End-point, Fixed-time, Kinetic, optional ISE,

Single/Dual/ reagent chemistries,

monochromatic / bi-chromatic

Original system pack reagent ready to use

Close system and open system is optional

Reagent/Sample Handling

Reagent/Sample tray: 80 positions for reagents and 40 positions

for samples in 24-hour refrigerated

compartment (2~12℃)

Reagent volume: 10~250μl, step by 0.5μl

Sample volume: 2~45μl, step by 0.1μl

Reagent/Sample probe: Liquid level detection, vertical collision

protection and inventory checking, reagent pre-warming

Probe cleaning: Automatic washing for interior and exterior

Carry over < 0.05%

Automatic sample dilution: Pre-dilution and post-dilution

Internal bar code reader (optional)

Used for sample and reagent programming

Be applicable to various bar code systems of Codabar、ITF

(Interleaved Two of Five)、code128、code39、UPC/EAN、


Capable to communicate with LIS in bi-directional mode

Reaction System:

Reaction rotor: Rotating tray, containing 40 cuvettes

Cuvette: Reusable, optical length 5mm

Reaction volume: 100~360μl

Operating temperature: 37℃

Temperature uctuation: ± 0.1℃

ISE Module (optional)

Measuring K+, Na+, ClMixing Unit

Mixing Unit

Independent mixing bar

Cuvette Washing: Washing station with pre-warmed detergent

and water

Optical System

Light Source: Halogen-tungsten lamp

Wavelength: 8 wavelengths, 340nm、405nm、450nm、


Absorption range: 0~4.0 Abs (10mm conversion), resolution


Stray Light 5.6Abs

Control and Calibration

Calibration modes: Linear (one point, two points and

multi-points), Logit-Log 4P, Logit-Log 5P,

spline, exponential, polynomial, parabola

Control Rules: X-R, L-J, Westgard multi-rule, Cumulative sum

check, twin plot

Operation Unit

Operation system: Windows 8

Interface: RS-232

Working Conditions

Power Supply: 200~240V, 50/60Hz, ≤1000VA or 100~130V,

60Hz, ≤1000VA

Dimension: 690 mm (length) ×580 mm (depth) ×595 mm


Weight: 79 kg

Water Consumption: ≤ 4 L/H