Disposable Video Laryngoscope VLDM

Faster:Lightweight, Portable
Applicable departments:emergency department, anesthesia department, respiratory department, pediatrics, ICU, operating room, ambulance, outdoor emergency

Product Features

    • Digital color monitor with LCD-quality resolution
    • Innovative blade sizing, angulation, and camera positioning
    • Anti-fog feature, with a rapid heating profile to resist lens clouding and secretions
    • Integrated, real-time recording helps confirm tube placement and facilitate teaching
    • Ergonomic design and rugged construction for multiple clinical applications
    • Also available in 5 single-use sizes


Display 8 Inch LCD monitor HD Display
Resolution 1024*768RGB
Data audiovisual output Support
Camera Resolution 2M Pixel
View Angle 66°
Illumination ≥800LUX
Battery Life Time >2 hours
Battery Capacity 3200mAh
Voltage 3.7V
Blade type Disposable Blades
Material of Blade PC
Shot and Record Function Support
Anti-fog Anti-fog when it’s on
Blade Sizing
  • Mac 1 – Infant
  • Mac 2 – Pedia
  • Mac 3 – Adult
  • Mac 4 – Difficulty (Obese)
  • Mac 5 – Difficulty
HDMI&USB Port Include
Connector for Screen and Handle Include
Bracket (with tray) Include
Attachments Adapter, Power cord, Data connection line
Blades Disinfection Refer to the Disposable laryngoscope instructions


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