Oxygen Generator Plant OY-300

Oxygen Generator of AmcareMed could supply pure oxygen for all kinds of hospitals and clinics continuously. Medical Oxygen Generators System uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate the oxygen from the air. This Oxygen Generator can refill 125 Cylinder Per Day (30Nm3/h).


  1. Medical Air Compressor
    • Moto rating 37kW
    • Screw type Oil injected
    • Variable speed drive
    • With air filter to trap unwanted particles, removal of bulk water with automatic drain
    • Medical Air Dyer Plant Refrigerant Dryer (DSA-LT)
    • With Aluminum Heat Exchanger with buil-in automatic condensate (for removal of water vapor)
    • Pressure Dew Point of 3-5 degrees Celcius
    • Refrigerant – R134a
  2. Compress Air Receiver Tank
    • Vertical, Carbon Steel with all safety accessories
    • 1500 liters capacity
    • Maximum pressure 11 bar
    • Color off white
    • With Pressure relief valve, manual drain valve, pressure gauge
  3. Oxygen Generator
    • Capacity: 30Nm3/h
    • Oxygen Purity: 93 ±3%
    • Power: 380V/50Hz/3Ph
    • Air Consumption – 4.25m³/min FAD
    • Outlet Pressure – 4 bar (g)
    • Color: white
    • Ambient Temperature – 10 to 40 ᵒC
    • Dew Point Monitoring Instrument: 1
    • Oxygen Purity Analyzer Instrument: 1
    • With touch screen panel view for display and control
    • With Electronic Product Oxygen Flow Meter
    • With Safety Valves for appropriate pressure level
  4. Filter
    • Water Separator Filter
    • General Purpose Oil Filter
    • High Efficiency Oil Filter
    • Oil Vapor Filter
    • Dust Removal Filter
    • Off-odor Filter
    • Bacterial Removal Filter
  5. Oxygen Receiver Tank
    • Vertical Carbon Steel with all safety accessories
    • 1000 liters Capacity
    • Maximum pressure: 11 bar
    • Color: off white
    • With pressure relief valve, manual drain valve, pressure gauge
  6. Refiling Station 125 Cylinder Per Day (30Nm3/h)
    • Oxygen Booster Compressor
    • High Pressure Booster Compressor for the compression of Medical Oxygen
    • Max Pressure 150 bar
  7. Filing Ramp
    • Filing Platform manifold 5+5 type with 2 main valve


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