Anesthesia Depth Monitor OSEN8000A

Anesthesia Depth Monitor of Shenzhen Osen uses Spanish qCON technology.


  1. 12.1-inch large screen LCD display, touch screen, high resolution, digital display more intuitive
  2. Monitor more parameters, including anesthesia depth index, analgesia index, EMG index, burst suppression ratio, signal quality, Easy to analyze anesthesia.
  3. Super anti-electric knife – can work under the electric knife, data can be recovered in 1-2 seconds.
  4. 16GLarge memory, 10000 hours long time storage, can be recalled.
  5. Support U disk output data and Bluetooth transmission data
  6. Can be connected to the hospital anesthesia system, convenient for data management.
  7. External plug-in lithium battery, long working time, easy to replace.
  8. Multiple input methods to input patient information.
  9. The historical trend chart can display the values of various parameters at the time point in real time.
  10. It has 7 event calibration instructions such as intubation and operation.
  11. The EEG sampling rate is 2000 times/second, and the data is updated every second.
  12. The machine is sensitive, and the data can be displayed in 2-6 seconds after the sensor is connected
  13. With handwriting, pinyin input method convenient and quick input patient information.
  14. Standard interface and large font interface can be quickly switched and easy to operate.
  15. The historical data is stored separately by the patient, which is convenient for doctors to accurately view the historical data of patients.
  16. With demonstration function.
  17. Modify patient information in real time.


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