C-Arm Compatible Electric Interventional Imaging Operation Table JR-9000

C-Arm Compatible Electric Interventional Imaging Operation Table


C-Arm Compatible Electric Interventional Imaging Operation Table


1. Integrated electric operating table 
With advanced production technology, engineers make it an art and perfect every detail. The base is made of a large number of high quality 304 stainless steels that are completely solid and sturdy.

2. High quality
Product is easy to operate,strong versatility,wide application ,material selection,workmanship excellent,quality
reached the international level.

3. More Features
Manual: fold on the headboard, built-in waist bridge, leg board fold
Electric: lifting, folding on the back plate, folding on the leg board, single left leg folding up and down, single right leg folding up and down, panning, leaning back and forth, left and right tilting, one button reset, “V” and revised version “V”, etc.

4.Safe and reliable

Battery available
With foot brakes for easy control of the operating bed

Product  details

Table board material cabon fibre
Whole length 2500±10mm
Length of radiolucent board 1750±10mm
Length without material inspection 1200±5mm
Whole width 685±5mm
Width of radiolucent board 465mm
Thickness 40mm
X-ray absorption conefficient (aluminium equivalent) ≤0.44mmAL
Max. loading 240kg
Horizontal movement manual
locking device electromagnetic locking
longitudinal movement manual
Move route 250±20mm
Locking device electromagnetic locking
Max.head protract 1880±20mm
Max.foot protract 1050±20mm
Vertical movement Electric
Min. Bed height from the ground 750±20mm
Max.Bed height from the ground 1100±20mm
Move route 350±20mm
average velocity 8mm/s
Bed surface shifting/Horizontal movement/Locking controllor
average velocity 8mm/s
Table body locking Electric
Big Four direction wheel free moving
Inner configurate DC24V Panasonic lead-acid battery
Single-phase Alternating Current 220VAC 50/60Hz
Input maximum power 300VA
Protective tube F5AL250V(5*20mm)
Standard accessories Memory foam mattress-1pcs

Arm supports-1pairs