Rigid Video Laryngoscope VL3H

Faster – Lightweight, Portable,

Applicable departments – emergency department, anesthesia department, respiratory department, pediatrics, ICU, operating room, ambulance, outdoor emergency


Main Features

  • Five Size Diameter Rigid Laryngoscope
  • Sizes: 3.0mm, 3.9mm, 5.0mm
  • 5 models of VL3H hard blades – N3065, N3965, H5055, H5065, H5075
  • Specification H5055, H5065, H5075, diameter for disposable
  • Specification N3065, N3965, diameter can be reused for more than 5,000 times


  • Integrated design, no maintenance
  • 3.5-inch full view LCD screen
  • resolution ratio: 640X480
  • 5 diameter specifications
  • support oxygen supply
  • The stylet can be arbitrary plastic, rear end high elastic, not easy to damage the airway
  • Can take pictures, videos, data output storage files
  • The diameter of the pipe can be reused for more than 5,000 times


  Infant (flexible) Adult (flexible) Adult (un-bending)
Field Angle 100±10% 60±5%
Depth of Focus 3-50mm 20-50mm
Resolution 640×480
Display 3.5”
Pixels 400×400 640×480
Illuminance ≥400LUX
Weight 330g 340g 350g
Swivel Up and Down 0°-130°
Swivel Left and Right 0°-270°
Rigid Tube Diameter 3mm 3.9mm 5.0mm
Rigid Tube Radian 80mm>R>50m R=5mm, R=65mm, R=75mm
Rigid Tube Length L=300 380mm
Recharging Times >300
Adapter Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Adapter Output 5V 2000mA
Working Temperature 5°C-+40°C
Working Humidity 20%-80%
Working AP 860hpa-1060hpa


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